Plastic Fighter Training

Plastic Fighter Training takes you through the fundamentals of understanding the plastic pollution problem and incorporates accessible and practical ways for you to take action and change your use of plastic for a cleaner, better future.

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to the course, what to expect in the modules and some housekeeping to get you started.


Module 1: The Plastic Problem

An overview of the global plastic problem and scale of what is part of our times’ biggest environmental concern; climate change.

Approx 2hr.

Module 2: A Close-up on Southeast Asia

Take a close-up look on the opportunities and constraints of the Southeast Asian context on plastic waste. Local behaviour, access to alternatives and infrastructure all play a part.

Approx 1.5hr.

Module 3: The Short History of Plastic

Look at when plastic usage became so common, what it’s made from and its direct link to climate change.

Approx 1:05hr.

Module 4: Big Picture Solutions

What is being done (or should be getting done) at the top level. Scalable solutions to recycling and what needs to happen next.

Approx 1:05hr. 

Module 5: Solutions for Single-use Plastics

The biggest impact can come from making single-use plastics obsolete and no longer a part of our daily lives.

Approx 1:05hr. 

Module 6: Solutions for Frequently Used Plastics

Whilst not in essence single-use, there are a lot of convenience products we’ve been sold as necessities that you can reduce by sourcing alternatives and downsizing on what you actually need.

Approx 55min. 

Module 7: Lifestyle Solutions

An intro into what is known as the Zero Waste Movement – catchy name but it can seem intimidating so this module is a gentle intro to some simple and meaningful exchanges.

Approx 1hr.

Sarah Rhodes


Sarah is a passionate leader who has been educating on plastic reduction in Southeast Asia since 2015. She will engage and inform and help you with tactics to put solutions into place to reduce your environmental impact derived from her own experiences and research.

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