Business Support Program

Get help focusing in on sustainability and achieving results, with greater ease, without sacrificing other important parts of your work.

What you get

Walk the talk and amplify your sustainability impact

Set your business apart to attract better customers and staff who care about sustainability as much as you do.

Initial consultation to go over your goals and priorities for the 12 months ahead

Support and guidance on solutions for improving sustainability in your business

Goal setting and accountability for achieving your set actions

Quarterly 1:1 meetings to keep on track

Free access to monthly online workshops (that non-members pay for)

Access to solutions via my network

A professional partner in setting your business apart through sustainability

say no to single-use plastic

Businesses worked with

If you’re struggling to make sense of sustainability in your business or having difficulty feeling like it all falls on YOUR shoulders, then now’s the time to change!

Most of my clients are passionate about sustainability, but divided between the many priorities of running a business. I’m here to help you excel.

You’ll be able to focus in on what’s achievable and get results now, instead of procrastinating for even longer and feeling guilty about not moving forward on what’s needed. With my support, you’ll have a clear road-map for the year ahead and accountability for getting your goals implemented. By the end of our 12 months together, you’ll have a visible set of accomplishments that you can be proud of. I’ll even give you tactics on how to leverage that in your marketing.

Stop feeling like you should be doing more, together we’ll make your business stand out with real results that will appeal to your customers and staff in ways you’re going to love.

I can’t wait to get started with you!

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