Reducing single-use plastics, sustainability, self-care for sustainability advocates and environment

An Introduction

From introducing Plastic Free July to Southeast Asia, to motivational talks to tourism and hospitality venues, Sarah has spoken at various conferences in the sustainability, agriculture and tourism sectors since 2015.

Cambodia Climate Change Summit

On the topic of sustainability tourism this panel talked about successful initiatives that have been implemented by tourism businesses in Cambodia.

No Single-use Plastic by Default Conference

Keynote motivational speech for the hospitality sector on why and how they can make reusable the default for service in cafes and restaurants and how to engage their team for success.

No Vacancy Hotel & Accommodation Industry Expo

Leveraging the Triple Bottom Line: Why you can’t afford to ignore sustainability, a panel discussion that challenged the perception of sustainability as a mere obligation and reveals its true potential as a revenue booster. We explored how to, not only, embrace the core principles of people, profit and planet, but also leverage them as a catalyst for success.

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