Are you ready to walk the talk on sustainability and become known as a leader in sustainable tourism?

Apply for your Virtual Sustainability Manager now to implement sustainability action that really works, whilst gaining staff and customer loyalty and bragging rights as one of the leading sustainable hotels!


Do you constantly bump sustainability tasks to tomorrow?

Argue with staff about wasted plastic?

Feel like your sustainability action is really great but you’re not getting the recognition you deserve?

Your sustainability reaccreditation keep rolling around but you have to rush to get everything ready for the audit. You’re scrambling to get all the paperwork together.

Feel discouraged after spending hundreds, maybe even thousands, on eco-friendly initiatives but your staff don’t seem to get it?

What if there’s a better way? You can have your whole team excited about sustainability, taking action and being proud of their efforts, whilst delighting your guests and being recognised as a leader in sustainable tourism.

Virtual Sustainability Manager

Your partner in taking sustainable action that feels exciting and impactful.

Set your business apart to attract better customers and staff who care about sustainability as much as you do.

Immersive support to establish your plan for implementing or upping your sustainability actions.

Team training + engagement to ensure you've got everyone on the journey for more cohesive and empowered implementation. *some limits apply

Monthly support calls for troubleshooting and achieving your targets (10 sessions).

Input for your marketing strategy to communicate authentically and set your hotel apart as a leader in sustainability.

Expert support, insights and connections to people or products that you need to get this done.

More than a sustainability manager, I've worked with hundreds of businesses meaning I have more experience and can help you get there more efficiently than an in-house sustainability manager or add value and support for your in-house manager.

A professional partner in setting your business apart through sustainability

say no to single-use plastic

Businesses worked with

If you hire a sustainability manager, you’re looking at a salary of at least $100,000 per year. Pricey sustainability consultants often cost even more, without the kind of foundational behaviour shift that I bring to your team. And many of the charities sell you the ‘feel-good factor’ but lack the ongoing change that I bring for your team.

The kind of knowledge I bring to your business is worth significantly more because of the places I’ve worked with and the experience I’ve accumulated working in the tourism sector for over 20 years and since 2015 on sustainability. The result is team cohesion and systemic change in your hotel. 

My commitment to you is not only to give you education that actually works—it’s to give it to you at a price that doesn’t break the bank. 
And I’m only offering it to a VERY limited number of businesses, 3 to be precise.


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