Plastic Free Workshops

An intro session to transform the way you and your team approach environmental sustainability at work.

What you get

Kick start environmental change

Get the tools you need to make impactful environmental change in your workplace. Bring this important topic to the forefront of your business, creating a desirable place for your customers and staff. 

Gain a deeper knowledge of available solutions

Take positive steps to put knowledge into action

Become part of a community that cares

say no to single-use plastic

Years in Business

Happy Students

Plastic Free workshops provide an ideal setting to start or level-up your environmental action for your business. The proven method has seen hundreds of businesses transform the way they operate; influencing their suppliers, staff, customers and communities to create a cleaner and more beautiful environment for all.

This interactive team session is results-oriented, meaning you will see immediate change.

These workshops are our legacy service that has been fine-tuned over time to ensure high quality and informative training that is designed to get you fantastic results.

You’ll be motivated to act on what you’ve learned and walk away with clear steps that you can implement right away.

Training objectives:

  • Understanding of plastic pollution globally and locally
  • Recognise the life cycle of plastic
  • Learn about the impacts of plastic pollution
  • Overview of initial personal solutions

Training outcomes:

  • Deeper knowledge of personal/organisational cases
  • Take positive messages to put into action
  • Formation of motives and commitment to develop further actions


The methodology takes the participants on a comprehensive journey looking at the what, why and how of beginning to solve plastic pollution. The program uses an interactive approach that encourages group participation, multimedia for conveying information and goal setting for taking the learning and putting it into practice following the training. We believe that bringing your team on the sustainability journey, through this training, will accelerate action in your business to retain quality staff, attract eco-minded customers and save money.

Ready to Make a Change?

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