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Do PFSEAA recycle?
PFSEA don’t recycle but we can help you reduce your consumption through our consulting and education programs.

Where can I take my plastic bags?
Check if there are any programs in your area creating bottle bricks. The first step is to avoid plastic bags as much as possible.

Where do I get the biodegradable cassava bags?
Please order online at for Cambodia.
In Bali – Avani.
There is a huge range of single-use eco bags and they vary in quality – check that it’s home compostable and ensure you have somewhere you can compost it. A compostable bag in landfill will still be there for decades, despite what many businesses claim.

Looking for more product solutions?
Check our Resources page for more ideas and information.

Where can I refill my drink bottle?
The Refill Not Landfill and Refill my Bottle programs have an interactive map on their website. They also sell bottles in bulk for businesses.

Want to volunteer?
Volunteer positions are advertised on Idealist. Please visit the DIY page for ideas of actions you can take by yourself or join our ambassador program.

Doing a research assignment?
Please start here, unfortunately we don’t have time to respond to each individual request so we do our best to provide information here on the site to get you started on your research. Please read it.

Who created this campaign?
The PFJ campaign (Plastic Free July) was created in 2011 in Australia. PFC in Cambodia was started by Sarah Rhodes in Siem Reap in 2015. Since then, we have been running education workshops, joining environmental awareness events, speaking at conferences and are now doing consultations with organisations and businesses throughout Southeast Asia. In 2019 we changed the name to Plastic Free Southeast Asia and Australia.

What does this campaign do?
The PFSEAA aims to educate and motivate for less plastic consumption. We do consulting and education about reducing use of plastic, to help with waste management, about climate change, environment, health and ecosystems. We are actively involved in, and host, important initiatives and events in communities across Southeast Asia and Australia.

Why did you start PFSEAA?
Because PFSEA helps people in Southeast Asia and Australia learn about our amazing planet and environment and know about plastic and its danger to our health and environment. Globally plastic over-consumption has become a critical problem, we want to be involved in the solution. Our programs guide people to take the first steps and make a lasting impact.

When did you start this program?
PFC started in 2015 in Cambodia. We’ve now worked throughout the Southeast Asia region and Australia.

How did you start PFC?
To begin with we ran only the PFJ campaign, then due to demand, we began organising education and training, creating awareness and action and providing consultation and advice.

PFSEAA is a professional start-up business with a social and environmental impact. From time to time we may partner with investors and collaborators to accelerate the program in order to reach this goal. Every customer of PFSEA is helping us to reach sustainability so we can continue to work on green solutions for a healthy future.

We design and deliver important initiatives to increase awareness and encourage reduced consumption of plastic. We don’t offer discounts or free workshops however, we do have lots of free content here on the website and on our social media channels.

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