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Everybody deserves access to a clean and healthy environment. Join me in giving support to Cambodian environmental initiatives – donate today.

Why support

Since the pandemic has me grounded in Australia for now, I’m supporting grassroots organisations in Cambodia. The Cambodian tourism industry has pretty much ground to a halt. Meaning people have had to reinvent themselves to survive. You probably noticed that environment took a back seat during these times. In Cambodia they’re now experiencing further uncertainty after feeling the impacts of the pandemic since January last year. Let’s keep environment top of mind to help them recover more strongly for when we can return as visitors to their beautiful country.

Environmental education

Preventing food waste

Keeping single-use plastics out of our oceans

learning about plastic in Cambodian villages

As a premier tourism destination, pre-pandemic, Cambodia was making some incredible headway on reducing single-use plastics. All over the world, environment took a back seat as we all grappled with the impacts of Covid-19 on our lives.

I firmly believe that when we take care of our environment, that it is the foundation of health and wellbeing for the whole planet. The rise in pandemics, and natural disasters are just two symptoms of the intense damage we’re doing to our planet.

This is no longer an option. We need to take rapid action now.

I’m choosing to support Cambodia at this time since i cannot be there physically doing the work I intended to do. Because the whole world is connected. And because, now more than ever, there are small organisations that should be supported and helped to survive this pandemic, we will continue to need them into the future.

I will be transparent about the organisations I donate to once I’ve formalised our relationships, for now, the topics above encompass the kinds of organisations I hope we can support.

I need your help.

Please donate what you can.

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To support environmental organisations in Cambodia.