I’m Sarah Rhodes

Founder of Plastic Free Southeast Asia

Helping You Make Lasting Environmental Change

Behaviour Change Training

I’ll bring your team to the table so they understand environmental issues and how they can play an important role in making things better.

Blue Standard Verification

Want to be verified as a leader in reducing plastics? Be recognised for your contribution to running a responsible tourism business.

Helping You Achieve Success

Let me help you bring your team on the sustainability journey

PFSEA helps your business make effective, lasting change in environmental sustainability. We establish your business’s eco baseline and bring your team to the table to understand the ‘why’ behind sustainability. Together we create the goals and roadmap for your team to successfully implement and maintain environmentally impactful operations.

Are you frustrated, constantly telling your team to stop ordering plastic, wasting water, bringing in plastic takeaway packaging? It can be infuriating and it’s the quickest way to burn out and feeling like there’s nothing you can do.

What if I help you shift their mindset and take a huge leap forward in days, not months? (or years!) 

It’s possible!

We’ve worked with hundreds of organisations to help them do just that. Because once the sustainability bug has bitten, you just want to do more and do it well, am I right?

Let’s get your personalised game plan underway! You’ll get clarity on:

  • where you’re at (it’s probably better than you realise)
  • where you want to be
  • how to get there with less stress

Ready? Tell me about your business:

11 + 9 =

Goal setting

We’ll identify innovative and achievable goals that your team will be proud of delivering.

Team building

When your team is invested then change is inevitable

Localised solutions

Leverage existing relationships and discover exciting local options

Tactical advice

We live and breath sustainability so you can get on with running your business knowing that you’ve got experts on hand.

About Me

After moving to Cambodia in 2014, I started Plastic Free Southeast Asia in early 2015. With a Masters in Tourism Management, I used this foundation to develop a program to accelerate sustainable development practices in the tourism sector. A trained ‘Climate Leader’ and ‘Blue Standard Consultant’, I help tourism businesses throughout Southeast Asia and Australia bring their teams on the sustainability journey. I specialise in supporting businesses review their operations, change the mindsets of their team and establish goals and a roadmap to eliminating single-use plastics and make other positive environmental adjustments to running their business. Through PFSEA, we’ve reached an in-person audience of over 15,000 people and worked with representatives of 300 businesses, creating huge amounts of change in people’s perceptions of our environment.