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This is our special community of eco minded people that want to do more! It’s likely that you’re highly sensitive and want to do something meaningful in this world. Perhaps you feel like the people around you don’t ‘get it’, they might think you’re strange for always having a keep cup, or they might feel guilty when they see you using it and that makes you feel bad. In our group, we’re with you, it doesn’t matter what level you’re at, we’re here to support, give helpful and practical information and provide a place you can feel that you belong.

Are you stuck or unsure on how to carve through all the conflicting information that is in the media? Do you feel frustrated by excess packaging, or that it seems like you can’t buy anything without heaps of plastic? Maybe the latest eco disaster is ‘the last straw’ and you’re fed up with the inaction of our government.

“You can make a difference with your daily actions”

  • Practical Information
  • Judgement Free Zone
  • People like you
  • Striving for better not perfect

Be part of the solution

Every small action counts.

Sarah x 

How to make simple, sustainable choices so you can make a difference for the planet without burning out or giving up.

You can have clear, straightforward information to ensure you can make logical decisions. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and promote how to move forward without beating yourself up for not being 100%.

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Our membership program is facilitated through Patreon, which uses US Dollars, just want you to know that so it’s clear and no nasty surprises. There is no minimum period for the membership and we hope you’ll get a lot out of it and meet fantastic people in our community.