Sarah’s Eco Classroom

A series of 6 classes that are bite-sized, simple solutions that you can implement right now.

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Classes are AU $29 each or $75 for a 3 pack pass

3 steps to overcoming eco anxiety

Highlights of this class:
1. You don’t have to be zero waste so you can feel good about what you can do
2. How to stop beating yourself up so you can create new habits
3. It’s okay that being sustainable isn’t a straight line so you can get creative, choose what motivates you and start reaching your goals

Thursdays 09:30 AEST
25th June
6th August
17th September

Climate Change 101

Climate change seems like a massive thing that only corporations and governments can fix… but the truth is, you can also make a difference and you don’t have to solve the whole thing… but you can be part of the solution.
In this Climate Change 101 class, i’ll step you through impactful actions that are totally doable and have a collective impact on improving the environment.

Thursdays 09:30am
21st May
13th August
24th September

Sustainability Basics

Zero Waste perfection is not what we’re talking about here. It’s about doing what you can as often as you can. With so much information online, it’s hard to know the right place for you to start. Let’s get you going on your path, embracing imperfection along the way.

In this class we’ll look at:
Recycling tips.
Minimisation tactics.
Eco alternatives.

Thursdays 09:30am AEST
28th May
20th August
1st October

Getting your loved ones on board

Stop the struggle of convincing others, and the frustration and arguments will go away. Get some useful tools for subtilely getting others on board and techniques to diffuse difficult situations and have important conversations. 

Thursdays 09:30am AEST
4th June
27th August
8th October

eco problem solver, sarah's eco classroom

Becoming an Eco Problem Solver

Love nature, sick of litter? Want to enjoy being in nature without getting cranky at mess from other people? My tips for sorting this out. Put these into action and you’ll feel the calmness and control to keep going.

Thursdays 09:30am AEST
11th June
3rd September
15th October

fix the planet, sarah's eco classroom

So the planet’s f–ed, here’s 3 steps to fix it

Stop feeling shitty about the bad news and social media. Stop feeling like it’s too late, because it’s not. Pull up your bootstraps, take action and feel your confidence and your smile grow. We can make a difference!

Thursdays 09:30am AEST
18th June
10th September
22nd October

buy 3 classes, sarah's eco classroom

3 pack class passes

Loving these classes so much you want to join a few? We’ve bundled 3 together to save you a few $$. Pick the three you want to join, we’ll be in touch to book you in.

Thursdays 09:30am AEST
Classes and dates of your choice

It’s time to stop beating yourself up over every choice or draining your energy on trying to convince friends and family to be more eco friendly.

What if, you had practical sustainable action steps to help you feel confident in the choices you make. And start feeling like you’re actually making a positive difference with simple consistent daily action without having to be 100% perfect.

This is the exact reason why I created my brand new weekly masterclass series, Sarah’s Eco Classroom, to help you go from constant eco guilt to feeling more in control of your life because you have a practical action plan.

These bite-size weekly classes will give you the support you need and show you exactly how to focus on what you CAN change so life feels happier and more positive.

Inside Sarah’s Eco Classroom you will learn:

1) Simple, sustainable action steps so you can get started now
2) How to overcome eco guilt by embracing imperfection
3) Practical solutions by sharing what’s overwhelming you. I’ve been there and can help you to overcome the challenges.

It’s time to save yourself the time and energy of researching all the how tos. I’ve already done it for you.

How does it work?

Sarah’s Eco Classroom is an inspiring weekly masterclass plus the opportunity to ask all the eco guilt questions that keep you awake at night.

Invest in one class for $29 or save money with a 3 pack for $75 (normally $87).

Join me live on Zoom, Thursdays 9.30am – 10am AEST (Sydney, Australia). Starting 14th May.

Ready to change your life for the better?

Step 1 – Buy your class pass now. If you want the best value go for a 3 pack (link to checkout page for 3 pack)
Step 2 – You’ll receive your class pass link within 24hrs of signing up. Feel good that you’ve taken the first step towards changing your life.
Step 3 – Join me on Thursday at 9.30am so you can take positive action, one imperfect step at time!

P.S. Can’t join live? No worries. Buy a pass anyway to get the recording plus my Sustainable Living Cheatsheet emailed straight to your Inbox.
P.P.S. Places are limited to 15 people so you get the support you need. Grab your pass now so you don’t miss out.

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