We walk our talk, more than you might think. I’m often told how great it is that I live my values. It’s really through living this, that I deliver the best for you, my clients. How could I possibly inspire teams to take positive action, if I didn’t know what this involved first hand?

As a sole proprietor, I work from my home or on site with my clients. My home is low waste, low energy, solar powered and a mix of pre-loved furniture and furniture I’ve had since I first moved out by myself at 21 (that’s a long time ago, in case you’re wondering)!

My passion for sustainable tourism has always incorporated 3 pillars: community, environment and financial stability. These are absolutely essential for a sustainable business. My sustainability philosophy also encompasses personal sustainability; that is health, well-being and compassion (for self and others).

I’m fortunate to have entrepreneurial freelancers who provide PFSEA workshops on the ground in Cambodia. They’re paid a fair rate when they work for me and we have a partnership that is respectful, caring and empowering. Both of my trainers work in giving roles for their other work, Sai works for an educational NGO and Chenda runs her own sustainable business, the Clothesline Resale Boutique, with her partner Amy.

When we can, we provide community support, in-kind and pro-bono advice. Fortunately, our paid programs assist with making this possible.

In the future I want to financially assist environmental start ups and small businesses. I’ve carved out a new path, one where it is still new to pay for and value altruistic work such as taking care of the environment. I want environmental action and roles in sustainability to become desireable, well-remunerated and normal. I want to support young ecopreneurs on this journey through knowledge and economic support.

Sustainability, to me, is also about creating an impact beyond PFSEA. It’s seeing others flourish in this space too. I am so incredibly proud to have been involved in creating a huge shift in Siem Reap, Cambodia where I lived for 5 years, and seeing others carry on or pick up the baton after I left is immensely rewarding. I look forward to having a similar impact in Australia. We ARE stronger together.