Soorsdey Kampot!

Faced with concerns about single-use plastic in her guesthouse in Kampot, Fie began to look for solutions.

She first contacted PFC to source metal straws to use for their drinks and for visitors to buy.
Fie previously worked in the service industry in her native Denmark, and also has studied and worked in international development, she’s passionate about zero waste and decided it’s time to rally the people of Kampot for a better, greener, cleaner and healthier future.
She met Sokhim and immediately knew she had found the person who could start this project with her, Sokhim’s energy and enthusiasm are perfect for kicking things into gear. And then she connected with PFC again.
We are thrilled to welcome Fie and Sokhim to the PFC family and to begin a new chapter in Kampot. It’s also extremely fortunate that there is already a keen community who care for environment and residents of Kampot who previously ran the “I love Kampot River” campaign able to provide insights into challenges and opportunities.

At the end of November the newly formed PFC team, with Charlotte from Phnom Penh and Sarah from Siem Reap, joined the annual clean up event organised by the Governor of Kampot, followed afterwards by a community meeting to introduce PFC to businesses and schools in Kampot.
Already “Team Kampot” have great ideas to make even more eco-friendly products available and accessible, from tote bags to ‘eco kits’, drink bottles, and promotional gear, we’re going to see Kampot turn even greener. They’re working on educational posters with Red Road Foundation and last week they did a plastic free cooking class with students from Little Fish school and informed them about bamboo straws and composting!
Kep Water Festival is coming up later this month (22-24 December) and PFC are working on an action – volunteers will be needed! You can contact [email protected] for more details.
Watch this space for exciting events in the new year!

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