My experiences with PFC – by "fundrider" Jens Tscheuschner

Everything started when I found out about the Fundriding Tour of the association Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.. The tour is a guided scooter tour about 1200Km across Cambodia, for every kilometer driven it is necessary to acquire donations which benefits the projects of the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.
I learned early that we also support the organization Plastic Free Cambodia with the tour (ed: as it is a plastic-free tour).
Southeast Asia with a scooter for a good cause – perfect!
For me, the penny had dropped, I applied for the tour and was accepted.
Luckily, as it later turned out, I also made a friend (Jessica) who fancied joining the tour.
You have to keep in mind that I have no experience abroad and would certainly be in some complicated situations that I would not manage to solve if the guides had not been there. I was directly involved in the whole tour, I asked Roland Debschütz (manager of the Kleine Hilfsaktion guide and contact person of the tour), if it would be possible to get the PFC and Fundriding logos to start earning donations as soon as possible.
The day had come and we were boarding the plane to Bangkok. Almost 10,000 km away from home was an indescribable feeling at first, a bit scary, but luckily I had my friend Jessica on my side. She definitely has a lot more experience abroad and was able to calm me down. Arriving at the hotel in Bangkok we got to know the whole team of the tour and we did a little city tour. I noticed right away that Asian people handle the garbage quite differently than we do back home. Especially a lot of plastic was lying around. My first thought was that a deposit system does not seem to be there. In the run-up I was already told that you have to take care with the water here and you should always buy water bottles for drinking or to brush your teeth, for example. It seemed impossible to completely do without plastic, but we did our utmost to reduce consumption.
After “One Night in Bangkok” we were already on the border to Cambodia, where we met the Kim from Plastic Free Cambodia for the first time. She explained PFC to us in a presentation.
She explained properly why this project is so important. We also received small gifts to avoid plastic, a nice water bottle and a straw to reuse. Thank you again for that.
Our tour starts, off on the scooters and go … Battambang – Pursat – Veal Veng – O’soum – Koh Kong – Island – Kep – Phnom Penh – Siem Reap. In Cambodia, I noticed right away that there is a larger garbage problem. In the larger cities, there was something like a garbage disposal, but soon I saw small mountains of rubbish burning. Again and again.
Otherwise, the trash simply flies everywhere, especially plastic can be seen a lot on the roadside. On our tour we always had in the support vehicle a 10 liter canister of fresh water for our water bottles and if we had something to eat or something to drink in the evening was always for us “No Plastic”. Plastic Free Cambodia has brought me to consciously handle plastic. It was only now clear to me how much plastic you have in your hand every day and how much of it is so unnecessary. Above all, one should also consider whatever happens to the plastic in the future.
So many thanks to Plastic Free Cambodia – it’s great that it you exist!! Fundriding of the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. for such an experience.
You can find pictures of the tour on the Facebook page of Fundriding Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. Our donation tour – Cambodia
Yours Jens Tscheuschner