Helping with the future of PFC

The chance to volunteer with PFC was found for me by Accounting for International Development (AfID) who send volunteer accountants all round the world to help organisations that have a strong social purpose. On an AfID placement you are often following up the work of an earlier volunteer, as I was, and you get to see their reports on the practicality of the placement, running water, yes, public transport, hmm, no need to bring socks, hurrah! You also see their report on the financial systems and circumstances of the organisation you are working with.
My assignment was to help Sarah plan for the future of PFC, looking at her different revenue sources and how she might use these to grow the organisation and increase its impact. PFC is a social business, and though it receives some vital donations to pay for its work, has ambitions to become sustainable by earning its income. During the month we got through a lot. We developed a Strategic Plan for the next year, explored options for social investment, and estimated the budget and cash flow until the end of the year. We added two months transactions to the general ledger, devised new systems for controlling stock and cash held in Phnom Penh and Battambang and set up new bank reconciliation arrangements.
Over the month it was 9 to 5 in the office, but weekends were free. I got my hands on a bike so managed to see a bit of the people, town and countryside, got to the temples of course, and a big thank you to Natasha for fixing up a trip to the Kulen National Park and Angkor Centre for Conservation and Biodiversity, where as well as enjoying the handsome animals we got an insight into the distressing pet and bush meat trade.
Thanks for looking after me Sarah, Heng, Madison, Patrick, and all the staff at Babel Guest House.

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