Cambodia’s 5th Plastic Free July

Siem Reap is at the centre of an awakening that is taking over Southeast Asia. Marking the 5th anniversary of Plastic Free July in Cambodia, there is an impressive line up of events scheduled to take place.

In 2015, around 80 people crammed into Long’s Bar, a small local bar who put on ‘green’ cocktails and hosted the first Plastic Free July event in Cambodia. The unprecedented attendance showed that this community was ready to act. This year, the 5th time the event has been run will be a huge milestone, as people from around the region are gaining knowledge and reacting against the plastic pollution that plagues their lives.

There are 4 key events being run in Siem Reap, the place where it all started, with venues that are on their journey to plastic free partnering on the program that entails a launch event at local Khmer fusion restaurant, Pou Kitchen and Cafe, a very special anniversary party at green hotel Treeline Urban Resorts, a plastic free masterclass run by PFSEA founder Sarah at Footprint Cafe – who’s name and philosophy of people, planet, profit aligns nicely with PFSEA and finishing up with an exciting gala event and official launch party of renowned eco boutique guesthouse Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel‘s new guesthouse experience – BE Happy! 

There’s also an impressive line-up of events in Phnom Penh including a launch event to be held at Impact Hub Phnom Penh on the 4th of July, movie screenings, coffee talks and a panel event where representatives from businesses who’ve successfully reduced plastic will share their success stories. PFSEA ambassadors along with Impact Hub and Go Green Cambodia are joining together to make these events happen.

What is Plastic Free July? Plastic Free July began in Australia and now has participants in more than 150 countries getting involved. It’s a dedicated month where you do your best to avoid single-use plastics. What you can’t avoid, you keep, it helps to understand that what we use doesn’t just ‘go away’ when we’re finished with it. Overall the campaign increases awareness of our plastic consumption and helps you to form new habits over the course of the month. 

Plastic Free Southeast Asia who are putting every effort into communicating the effects of plastic pollution in the region are also rallying for events. Each event that takes place in Siem Reap will also have a live Facebook event to ensure that wherever you are you can get on board. Their Facebook page will list Plastic Free July and other related events in the region, so make sure to see what’s on.

If you’re in Siem Reap, then get along to one or more of the events listed below, you’ll also have a chance to meet the founder of Plastic Free Southeast Asia, Sarah Rhodes.

In 2018 more than 120 million people from 177 countries joined Plastic Free July. Since Plastic Free Cambodia (now Plastic Free Southeast Asia) began they’ve reached almost 12,000 people in Cambodia through their events and workshops. Be part of the change. Say no to the 5 single-use plastics causing the most pollution. In July avoid straws, bags, cups, bottles and takeaway boxes that are single use. Instead go without straws, take your own basket or cloth bag to the market, drink filtered water, use your chan srak/tiffin and take your own coffee cup or drink it in a mug at the cafe. Small steps, big change! 

Join us at Plastic Free Southeast Asia events in Cambodia. Let’s learn together, support each other, and change our plastic consumption. 

Go to Plastic Free Southeast Asia on Facebook for full event details, choose ‘Going’ or ‘Interested’ to stay up to date.
Can’t make an event? Join via Facebook LIVE on each of the event days so you can be involved from wherever you are! 
Check the Plastic Free Southeast Asia events page for more events in Cambodia and around Southeast Asia.

June 30 – Siem Reap Launch Party 

July 4 – Phnom Penh Launch Party

July 6 – PFJ 5th Anniversary Party – Siem Reap

July 14 – Masterclass – Siem Reap

July 26 – Be Plastic Free Be Happy Gala   

We – the people – have the power to control how much plastic we let into our lives. Let’s make big changes in the Siem Reap community and for our planet together!