It takes a village…

The 5th Plastic Free July in Cambodia is showing that together we are making a difference. So here’s to each and every person who’s doing something this month to promote cleaner environment in Cambodia.

Something has happened… something beautiful! As I learn more about other countries and speak to other people doing similar work to me, I’ve begun to realise that Cambodia, Siem Reap in particular, is pretty special when it comes to plastic-free and zero waste options. Yes, we’ve only just got our first two bulk shops, Babel Eco and Refill Shop in Siem Reap and Dai Khmer in Phnom Penh, but we’ve also had compostable cassava bags for 4 years, thanks to Cleanbodia. In fact we’ve got access to more amazing options than many other places; cooking oil recycling, plastic bag upcycling, bamboo straws, eco boxes for takeaway – you can check our Resources page for all the links. Most importantly, we have a community that cares.

All of that is amazing! The people, our friends, working on those projects are incredible. What is also incredible is the amount of events that have popped up for Plastic Free July. In Cambodia and throughout the region. In Phnom Penh PFSEA Plastic Fighters have put in a tremendous effort. When Sandy in Phnom Penh first asked if I wanted some help in putting on an event in the capital, I was actually worried that she wanted me to go to PP for the event. I wasn’t worried because I wouldn’t love to go but because I was already maxed …. instead she has coordinated a program of not 1 but 5 events!!! Some she was planning because she also focuses on reducing plastics, check out her page Only One Planet, and moved them to July, which is pretty special. Additionally, the wonderful ladies at Go Green Cambodia, Nataljia and Grace, have scheduled one of their famous clean up events for July! Outstanding. Farm to Table and Eleven One Kitchen are also promoting Plastic Free July activities.

In Battambang, PFSEA Ambassador Kim treats every day like it’s a plastic free day, influencing her school students and the community in Battambang. She puts her whole heart in and the event she planned this year was with Pannasastra University, one of the biggest universities in the country with 9 campuses, maybe they can be the first plastic free university?

In Siem Reap, Mulberry Boutique Hotel initiated a giant clean up event to honour Plastic Free July, rounding up at least a dozen local hotels and businesses to get involved and really putting knowledge into action and showing fabulous community spirit.

Our own volunteer, Sonya, has been inspired into increasing the number of events we originally planned in Siem Reap, we added a BYO Coffee Cup Day and there might be one more coming… stay tuned. 

Are you doing something for Plastic Free July? Write about it in the comments and well done and thank you for being involved in this beautiful community of change!

written by Sarah