Eco Friendly Home Grocery Delivery Experiment

How I got started…

Like with all of my very sophisticated research, I went to google to kick things off. “Eco friendly grocery delivery Sydney” and off I went. I knew of a few places already, like Doorstep Organics. I also have a veggy box delivered every couple of weeks and have done for nearly 2 years, since I moved to Sydney, so I’ve already done thorough research on that and I’ve very happy with Fruitman Sam who I use for my veg. What I really wanted here is the ‘other stuff’, the pantry staples and the carbs and proteins to accompany my fruit and vegetables.

After I tested the first place out and posted about it on social media, I got some recommendations and tried them too. There are a lot of places to choose from but here are the ones that I’ve tried, tested and some… stuck with.

Ooooby (Organics Out of Our Back Yard)

This was the first place I tried, and to be honest, I nearly gave up and cancelled my order.

What I’ve learned through this process is that some of the grocery delivery options require you to also buy a veggy box. As mentioned in the intro, I already have a veggy box place that I’m very happy with and not looking to change.

Why did I nearly give up? The online ordering processing is – in my opinion – more complicated than it needs to be. I want to go in, choose what I want, pay and check out. The other thing I found is that I needed to be very organised and expect a gap of at least a week between ordering and receiving. That fresh produce add ons (I have been getting extra bananas and spinach for morning smoothies) were only available toward the end of the week. So from the weekend, when I was getting organised, waiting for the fresh produce options, then getting a delivery date locked in it took over a week. Then it was several more days and money still hadn’t been charged and here’s where I was about to bail… but then it all came together and the payment went and a couple of days later my produce arrived. 

I will say that actually receiving the delivery was very pleasant, the guy called me (I was out for a walk) and even though he couldn’t access the cooler bag I’d left in the foyer, i was only around 15 minutes away so he left everything in a safe place.

The variety of products was very good and I was very happy with my order.
Their website is here if you want to check them out. 

Ooooby delivery

Your Food Collective

This platform has an extensive array of food. It’s also, part ready-meals, part food kit and fruit, veg and boxes, so it’s a great one-stop-shop! The philosophy is strong with fresh, local and ethical as the core pillars.

The online ordering process was straight-forward and the delivery times are clear and easy to find by entering your postcode.

What thrilled me most about this delivery was the beautiful messaging on the boxes. Asking for the boxes to be returned next time for reuse, assuring me that my food hadn’t travelled far, that local farmers are getting the benefits of me purchasing this week – absolutely lovely! 
Here’s the link if you want to check them out and get a discount too 🙂 

Your Food Collective delivery


When I found PrettyGreen I initially thought, ugh, don’t want to download another app. Only fleetingly and I am SO glad I downloaded it.

This is by FAR the easiest ordering process I’ve experienced and the time for delivery is SO quick! No minimum spend for free delivery and they bring it in tubs and transfer your products into your shopping bags. On my first order I got some seeds too! Everything about this is easy.

I’ll add that their range is smaller than the other two, they’re much newer, and their products aren’t strictly plastic-free, eco, though many are. What I love is the honesty about doing things now and improving along the way. I am keen to support them and see them get better as time goes on.

Here’s the link for their website, it’s definitely worth trying these guys out.

Pretty Green Delivery

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