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Reducing single-use plastic in hotels is easier than you think!

Mini toiletries, ‘free’ toothbrushes, coffee pods…

With the guise of providing ‘service’ and ‘value’ the amount of single-use plastics has become out of control – and it’s time to change the narrative of quality service in the hotel setting. In fact, some of the most eco friendly hotels I’ve stayed in, have been the nicest experiences.

What’s more is these tiny little ‘bits and bobs’ add up in price and many times aren’t even needed, are used just because they’re there or taken because they’re ‘free’. Your hotel is footing the bill and blending in to the landscape of so many hotels in the world.

With one hotel I worked with, we worked out the cost saving of swapping from single-use shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles, to elegant, ceramic, refillable dispensers and they were able to save at least half on what they’d been spending. Of course there is an upfront commitment in making the switch, that’s where this handy little formula comes in!

PFSEA’s Breakeven Formula:
Cost of reusable (each) = … $  / Cost of disposable item (each) =…  $ 
Breakeven point = … uses

Reusable cup = $1.00 each / Disposable cup = $0.05 each 
Breakeven point = 20 uses


When you look at the big picture, you will save money when changing from single-use to reusables! 

It’s time to look at the physical cost as well as the environmental cost of plastics – use this formula to see where you can save money in your hotel. 

Get in touch if you’re serious about change, you don’t have to work it out alone. I’ll help you bring the team on the journey so that your sustainability actions are not just in a dusty folder on the shelf!

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